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Who am I you ask?

Kelly A Walker lives in the South with her husband of way too long, and their teenage son who knows everything. She’s been reading as long as she can remember. Judy Blume and The Babysitters Club started her love of reading and her dream of one day writing. Kelly loves Jesus, her family, and SEC football (#HottyToddy).

When Kelly isn’t writing, she’s driving her kid from one thing to another, going to the grocery store, or spending all her hubby’s money at Macy’s, or Michael’s, or the Dollar General...okay, she just likes to shop.

Kelly A Walker is also the “Walker” half of the writing duo Riley Walker.


The Adventures of Winnie

Book 1

Welcome to the adult version of one of your childhood favorites! 
Come meet all your favorite characters in Human form! From Pooh to Piglet!



March 20, 2019

I never understood why my momma would keep such a big secret from me. I begged for an answer, but she refused to give in. Now that momma is gone, her secret has been revealed.

The secret now has a name.

My name is Memphis Reynolds, and I find myself driving hours south in search of him. My biological father. The man momma kept hidden away from me for reasons I never knew.

Surrounded by half-truths, lies, and heartbreak, I find something I wasn’t searching for.


Three very different, very exceptional, very handsome men, will teach me that it is okay to let go the dreams of a little girl, and grab hold the desires of a grown woman.

They have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.

Bless their hearts.


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